Blueray Adventures


edenvale, jOHANNESBURG  @ R2400 per person

Tandem skydiving is a first class way for you to experience the thrill of freefall, the serenity of a four-minute parachute ride. You will be attached to your Tandem Master with a parachute built for two. Your Tandem Master, who has made more than 4000 jumps, will take care of the details while you enjoy freefall and the parachute ride. The tandem skydive is available on weekends and includes an edited DVD of your tandem skydive. There is a 100kg weight limit.


At the venue you will be briefed. The instructor will give you the opportunity to fly the parachute. This experience lasts about an hour and 20min. Parental consent if under 18 years. There is no maximum age limit but weight limit is 110kg. Skydiving can not occur in strong winds or excessive cloud cover, and might be cancelled and rescheduled. Bring an adventurous spirit, warm clothing and closed shoes or tekkies (no hook type laces).

cape  town @ R2200 per person

Take the plunge without the worries of how to skydive. This experience includes the briefing by a qualified Tandem Master, the Tandem Master fee, scenic aircraft ride, hire of equipment and packing fee. The experience will be recorded from the Tandem Master himself who wears a camera on his left hand. The is edited and the resultant footage is downloaded onto a DVD for you to take home.